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5 Tips for Picking Family Friendly Vacation Destinations

Planning a family vacation takes time. So much has to be considered, such as where do you go, what do you do and how long should you stay? The budget is important, of course. Depending on the size of the family, and the ages, picking a destination everyone agrees on and is ultimately satisfied with, can be a daunting task.
In order to keep the peace, here are 5 tips to help your family pick the right vacation destination this year.
What Kind of Trip Should It Be?
First there needs to be a family meeting on what kind of experience everyone wants to have. An active vacation where hiking or scuba diving are on the agenda, a relaxing vacation on the beach or a vacation where you are trying all new things? City or countryside? Resort or road trip? Festivals and cultural experiences? Once that is established, the family can push forward in finding something everyone will at least have something worth going for.
How Much Time Do You Have?
One week of scheduled vacation as oppose to two or more will make a difference in where you go and what you do. The shorter the days the less time you want to be en route to the destination. Shorter vacations force you to pack a lot in a little time, which only leaves you exhausted. You'll also have a rigid schedule and things booked in advance just to get everything in.
What Is Your Budget?
Matching your budget to the destination won't be difficult but it could change your ultimate decision as it might not be budget enough. If you are traveling long-term when it's best to stick to the cheaper regions of the country.
Revisit Old or New Destinations
Places you've already been are familiar and come with a particular experience or feeling. You know you had fun there and can again. If you do revisit the same destination, consider making it new again with a different twist. Stay in a different neighborhood, eat at different restaurants, swim at different beaches and climb different mountains. If you are returning to the Grand Canyon try the north rim instead of the south. Try to make sure that every experience you seek is new.
Maybe a Staycation is in Order
The destination could be your own backyard. There's less planning, less packing, less time away. There's no jet lag and it's usually cheaper overall. Some families start by taking day trips together, then short breaks. After a while you will be looking for bigger and longer adventures.
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