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Personalized Embroidery

Personalized Embroidery Monogram Robe

Luxury Bathrobes With Custom Embroidery 

Transform your own home into a luxurious spa or hotel with Chadsworth & Haig's exquisite collection of personalized bathrobes for both men and women. Our collection features a wide range of designs suitable for the whole family. You can even have your robes custom embroidered with personalized monograms, making them a perfect gift or a unique addition to your own wardrobe. Enjoy the ultimate comfort and style with Chadsworth & Haig's personalized bathrobes.

Please be advised that our monogramming staff are experts in their field and will do their best in placing the lettering in the appropriate location of the bathrobe.


When requesting a three initial monogram it is customary for the middle letter to be the last (family) name. Thus if the name is John P. Smith, you must type JSP in the name/initial area. To be clear, make sure the middle letter you type is the middle letter you want on the embroidery!

Initial monograms will be embroidered as they are entered.

Monogramming Styles and Colors

We have eight monogram styles. You will be able to select a style and color during the ordering process.
Please Note: Some letters may be slightly different than the preview screen do to web fonts not matching embroidery fonts exactly.

 Script Monogram

Block Monogram

Oval Monogram

Diamond Monogram


Script Initials

Block Initials

Script Name

Block Name


Special Notes:

Monogramming requests cannot be canceled after the order has been placed. In the rare event an error was made with your name or initials, please contact Chadsworth and Haig immediately at 1.888.91.ROBES. Please take an extra minute to make sure the order has been typed correctly before actually placing it.

Monogrammed and personalized items may not be returned.

Shipping and Returns

Please allow 7 - 10 days extra for delivery of monogrammed items.

Monogrammed and personalized items may not be returned.